SendOnly is a Chrome extension that lets you send emails without an inbox in sight.
It's focus mode for Google Inbox and Gmail™

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I don't know about you, but whenever I go to send an email and inevitably see my inbox with new and urgent things to do or read, it gets in the way. Sometimes I'll check those emails and forget what I wanted to send, or simply delay whatever I was doing, and thus everything else.

No more. SendOnly hides your entire inbox by default so you can send the email you wanted to send, cross that item off and carry on with your todo list before deciding you're open for incoming distractions later in the day.

► Works with Google Inbox and Gmail™
► Does not send your data anywhere or to anyone
► Hides everything but the compose button
► Disables the unread count in Gmail's title
► Embiggens the email compose popout (Inbox only)
► Toggle on and off with the SendOnly Extension icon
► Switch off SendOnly by clicking the header
► Optional on/off by default when opening inboxes
► Optional automatic switch on after 15 minutes of inactivity
► Synchronise settings with Chrome Sync

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